Ornamental Iron Railing

Fortress Ornamental Iron Railing

classic_railing_pipHorizontal Rail Panel         classic_railing_rakeAdjustable Stair Rail Panel 

railing_accessories_postIron Post    fortress_bracketBracket    fortressadjustablebracketAdj. Bracket   fortresscolorbracketCollar Bracket presseddomedrawing_58_39 Dome CappostbasecoverCover for Post Base

cap railCap Rail Clip 

Village Ironsmith Ornamental Iron Railing

  • Economical, sound design.
  • Black powder coated. Touch up painting following installation is recommended.
  • Rails pitchable to most stair pitches.
  • 1-1/4" wide x 7/8" deep rails.

Classic syle:


Metropolitan style:


Accessories for use with both styles:

nd125ND125 baseplateFF125 ls100LS100  stub  ST100lt200LT200

  • Stock:
    • ND125 rail connectors (4 per package)
    • FF125 1-1/4" floor flange for post
    • LS100 lag screws for one floor flange
    • ST100 stub support for underneath center of 6' wide rail panel
    • LT200 decorative lamb tongue for use on post at end of run