OSB (Oriented Strand Board) & AdvanTech®

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

*Maximum roof span/maximum floor span

Oriented Strand Board Underlayment

  • Designed specifically for single layer floor construction.
  • Tongue and grooved long edges.

*Maximum floor span

AdvanTech® Flooring Subfloor

  • High-performance structural flooring panel.
  • Engineered to provide more water resistance and stability than plywood and conventional OSB.
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*Maximum floor span

AdvanTech® Subfloor Adhesive

AdvanTech adhesive

  • High-performance gun-applied polyurethane construction adhesive.
  • Can be used in wet, cold and frozen conditions.
  • Easily dispenses as a foam bead that quickly condenses to form a high strength gel adhesive.
  • Designed to be used to bond AdvanTech flooring, OSB, and plywood subfloors to the supporting framing below.
  • Comes with a squeak-free guarantee when used with AdvanTech flooring subfloor.
  • One 24 oz. can yields approximately 400 linear feet of gel adhesive at a 1/2" diameter bead.
  • Click here to watch an installation video.
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      • AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive - 24 oz. can
      • AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive - case of six 24 oz. cans
      • AdvanTech Adhesive Cleaner - one can
      • AdvanTech Adhesive Cleaner - case of six cans
      • AdvanTech Adhesive Applicator Gun