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What is a pocket door and what do I need in order to install one?

  • A pocket door is an interior door that slides into a slot-like opening - called a pocket - in a wall. Because a pocket door does not swing it does not encroach into either of the rooms it serves. It doesn't require floor space in those rooms. Pocket doors are popular for closets and bathrooms.
  • The door pocket frame has the track mounted at its top and forms the wall pocket. The door pocket frame has framing members "on the flat" to which drywall is typically attached. The door pocket frame comes to hangers that are mounted on top of your door of choice. The hangers have rollers on top that glide quietly in the track.
  • You'll also need a door, jamb material to cover the side of the opening the door slides towards, and material (usually 1x lumber or a jamb that has been ripped) to fill in the area on either side of the track and on either side of the pocket opening. Then you'll need your choice of casing moulding to trim the perimeter of the door opening inside and out, and a pocket door latch.
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