Clear Pine Mouldings

Clear Pine Mouldings

  • Solid - no finger joints.
  • Clear. No knots or other natural defects.
  • Generally sold in 3' thru 16' lengths, subject to availability, unless otherwise indicated.
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Baluster - Used in a variety of applications including as stair and porch balusters.

239-.75x.75237 239-.75x.75238 239-.75x.75239


Base - Base mouldings are placed along the wall at the floor. They should be chosen to work in harmony with the casing. Base mouldings are generally thinner than the casing.

 618-.5625x5.25618  634-.375x3634 724L-.375x3724 724L-.375x3726



166-.6875x1.25166 75-.5625x1.62574


Brick - Used as exterior casing around doors.



Casing - Casing defines the overall character of a room and are often the most visible part of the trim. They are used primarily to cover the gap between drywall (or other wall surfaces) and the door or window frame. Casings are generally thicker than base mouldings.

194-.625x3.25194 321-.6875x2.25321  321-.6875x2.25321 327-.625x2.25327  356-.625x2.25356 444-.625x3.25444 493-.4375x2.25493


Chair Rail - Applied to walls anywhere between 24" and 48" above the floor. They protect the wall from scuffs and dents from the backs of chairs. Adds a distinct accent to the room.

224L-.5x2.25224 390-.6875x2.625390


Corner Blocks - Also known as rosettes. For use with 3-1/4" casing.




Corner Guard - Used to protect the outside corners of walls and cabinets from damage and abrasion.

205-1.0625x1.0625205 206-.75x.75206


Cove - Used to soften the transition of inside corners and where stair risers meet the undersides of stair treads.



Cove and Bead



Crown - Crown moulding is placed along the wall at the ceiling. It softens the transition from wall to ceiling while adding a distinctive look.





Drip Cap - Used above doors and windows.



Lattice - A thin strip of flat moulding used to hide seams and edges, and for the construction of trellises.



Mullion Casing - Used to cover vertical or horizontal interior joints when windows are stacked or joined side-by-side.

(drawing pending) 


Quarter Round & Shoe - Often used where base moulding meets the floor.

106 108110126


Panel / Decra-Mould - Used to form the outline of simulated panels on walls and doors.



Parting Stop






S4S & S4S Screen Stock - Rectangular cross section. Screen stock was widely used for frames for screens and storm windows. S4S means surfaced (smooth) four sides.



Screen - Used to plywood edges on shelves and built-ins, and to cover stapled edges of insect screen.



Stool - Used across the bottom of windows to create a ledge or narrow shelf. Frequently referred to as window sill. While the profile below is called casement stool, it can be used with other window types.



Stop - Attached to door jambs on both sides and at the top. It is where the door comes to rest when closed. It covers the gap that would otherwise appear between the door and the jambs.