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Aluminum Roof Edgings

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    • 10' overhang drip edge with 2" (1.95" net) wide face (white)




ShingleVent® II Ridge Vent

  • Shingle-over ridge vent with built-in end plug.
  • Matching shingles can be installed over the vent, allowing the vent to appear almost invisible from the ground.
  • External baffle and internal weather filter provide optimum airflow and weather protection.
  • Provides a more complete barrier to help protect the attic from wind-driven rain, snow, dust, and insects.
  • Conforms to roof pitches up to 16/12.
  • 18 square inch net free area per linear foot.
  • Lifetime, limited warranty.


 Cor-A-Vent® V-400E Ridge Ventilation System

  • 17 sq. in. of net free area per foot.
  • Comes with enhanced snow screen.
  • Can be applied on hip roofs.
  • Solid base provides a weather-tight seal under vent.
  • Won’t crack or shatter in cold weather application.
  • No baffles to clog with leaves or pine needles.
  • Lifetime warranty.