Sound Deadening Board

Homasote® 440 SoundBarrier & Structural Board


  • Unique, gray weather-resistant building board.
  • Easy to handle, cut, nail, and drill.
  • Will not crack, split, or splinter.
  • Reduces sound transmission through all floor finishes.
  • Excellent screw and nail holding ability.
  • When used as sound barrier beneath drywall, drywall can be screwed to the Homasote (between studs) to reduce the amount of sound transmitted through the wall assembly.
  • R-value 1.2.
  • Class C flame spread rating.
  • .20 noise reduction coefficient.
  • 98% post consumer recycled content by weight.
  • Takes paint or stain well.
  • Use for sound barrier, bulletin boards, siding, soffit, underlayment, signs, displays, cut-out letters, train boards, expansion joints, temporary floor protection, and ceilings.
  • Sold in full or partial sheets.

Georgia-Pacfic Hushboard® Sound Deadening Board soundstop

  • Non-structural wood fiberboard.
  • An economical component for sound isolation systems in residential and commercial construction.
  • Reduces sound transmission very effectively when applied to stud walls between rooms or floors.
  • A 2x4 stud wall with Hushboard and 1/2" drywall will achieve a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 39. That will make loud speech in the next room audible as only a murmur. Click here to view the manufacturer's brochure with additional information and wall assemblies.