Versetta Stone

Versetta Stone


nailing stripNailing strip for easy installation. Panels nail or screw in place like lap siding!

  • We install Versetta Stone. The installed cost is typically $22 to $24 per square foot. For more information on installation by Fingerle please call Paul Rigan at 734 741-7724.
  • The beauty of traditional stone masonry, with a modern installation method.
  • For interior and exterior use.
  • 50% recycled content.
  • Patterns and stone shapes precisely replicate natural stones.
  • Installs like siding. Mounting strips can be nailed or screwed to the building.
  • No need to paint, coat, or seal.
  • No mortar joints.
  • Requires no additional footings for support.
  • Flat panels are the main component. A galvanized nail strip allows for easy installation.
  • Corner panels install like flat panels. They are for inside and outside corners as well as end wall terminations.

Ledgestone Panels

LedgestoneSterlingSterling LedgestonePlumCreekPlum Creek 

The rugged texture and irregularity for an exposed and well-worn look that suggests years in the elements.

Tight Cut Panels

TightCutSterlingSterling TightCutPlumCreekPlum Creek

The traditional look of quarried limestone fitted tightly together to emulate 19th century American architecture.


   wainscot sill capWainscot Sill Cap