Misc. Lumber Products

Dowel Glue Pins

Cant Strip

Pointed Construction Stakes

  • Mixed softwoods.
  • Manufactured by FLC.
  • Used for staking out foundations, political yard signs, denoting garden perimeters, supporting tomato plants, or to keep the kids off freshly painted grass.
  • 1x2’s are 25 pieces to a bundle and 2x2’s are 50 pieces to a bundle, though we’ll sell any quantity you need.
  • We usually keep a few bundles of each size on hand. If you need a very large quantity, give us a callso that we can prepare them for you.

Furring Strip

Kindling Wood

Sawdust & Shavings

  • Good for animal bedding and pottery projects; click here to discover more uses for sawdust.
  • Sold in big bags.