Choosing which hardware is best for you

Definitions – Knobs and Pulls

  • Knobs are hardware that are generally round or cylindrical and sit atop a single post, requiring only one hole for installation. Doors and small drawers can be easily operated with a single knob. Larger drawers may require two.
  • Pulls are hardware that are more linear and typically requires two holes for installation. While pulls are very useful on large drawers, they are also used on doors and small drawers.


  • Hardware really brings your cabinets to life. With hardware you give the cabinetry its style – country, traditional, arts and crafts, contemporary, etc.
  • There is no right or wrong usage when it comes to knobs and pulls. Both can be used on doors and drawers in any combination that can be dreamt up.
  • As a general rule of thumb, two knobs or pulls should be used for drawers that are 27” wide and wider. Drawers 24” wide and narrower generally look best with only one piece on them.

Brands that we offer

  • Due to the amazing selection and options in the cabinet hardware world, we special order the vast majority of our cabinet hardware pieces. Most orders for hardware will arrive in 7-10 days. Some items are more specialized than others and may take longer. If you need something sooner, we may have options to get things shipped more quickly to us – just ask.




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