Simpson Structural Wood Connectors

 Structural Wood Connectors

Items with a Z suffix are Z-Max G185 (hot dipped before fabrication) galvanized steel. Other items are standard G90 galvanized steel.

Deck Hardware

Fence Brackets

Hangers for I-Joists

Hangers for Laminated Veneer Lumber

Hurricane Ties

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Joist Angles

Joist Hangers for Solid Lumber

Mudsill Anchors

Multi-Purpose Anchor

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    • A35Z


  • Used to support adjacent edges of roof sheathing between the framing members.
  • Sold by the piece or in bags of 250.

Post Anchor Bases

Post Caps



Straps & Ties


Stringer Connnector

Stud Shoes

Reinforces studs notched in construcion.


Tension Bridging





Truss Plates

Wall Bracing

  • Galvanized steel strips for use in corners of walls with non-structural sheathing.
  • 11’-4” length for 8’ wall height.