Waterproof Tapes

AC HomeSeal™ Window Waterproofing


  • Self-adhesive composite membrane.
  • Combines strength, low temperature adhesion, and high temperature stability.
  • Used on windows and doors to seal out air penetration.
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DuPont™ Flashing Tape
dupont flashing tape

DuPont™ FlexWrap

  • Tyvek surfaced tape with butyl adhesive.
  • Use for flashing around doors and windows, particularly at sills and corners.
  • May be stretched for application around curved shapes.

Grace Vycor® Deck Protector™

  • Use on top of deck joists to prevent water absorption, to wrap ledger to prevent water infiltration, and between treated lumber and metal to prevent corrosion.
  • Significantly extends the useful life of decks.

Protecto Wrap® Super Stick Building Tape 

  • High tack, durable, peel and stick air/vapor barrier tape used for sealing PVC and aluminum fin windows and doors, and window and door openings.
  • No primer needed
  • Can be installed in extremely cold (-20°F) or hot temperatures.
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces.
  • Easy to install peel and stick application.
  • Creates total air and water seal.
  • Self-seals around nails, screws and staples.
  • A greener solution. No VOCs, HFCCs, or CFCs. No off-gassing. Non-allergenic. No toxicity.