Ceiling & Beadboard - Lumber, PVC & Boral

Azek Paneling/Ceiling/Beadboard

  • Expanded rigid PVC.
  • Tongue and grooved.
  • Reversible. Edge and center beads on one side. V'd edges only on other side.
  • White.
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    • 1/2x6-18' with extended tongue for easy blind nailing.

    Azek beadboard

 TruExterior Beadboard


  • The look and feel of wood without the negative performance issues.
  • Will not crack or split from moisture.
  • Resists rot and termites.
  • Made from recycled polymers and highly refined recovered coal combustion products (fly ash).
  • Installs with standard woodworking tools and methods.
  • Primed. Easily accepts paint of any color. Must be painted.
  • Smooth face.
  • No need to prime ends or field cuts.
  • No gluding or gapping is necessary to control or limit movement. 
  • Accepts a wide variety of fasteners.
  • 20-year limited warranty.
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  • Special order - please allow about one week:
    • 5/8x4-16'
    • 5/8x6-16'

Douglas Fir Beaded Ceiling/Paneling


  • C & better grade.
  • Mixed grain.
  • Tongue and grooved
  • Used extensively for porch ceilings and soffits on Victorian homes. Today it's a great looking product for wall paneling and for wainscoat applications.
  • Kiln dried.
  • Edge and center beaded one side, edge and center V’d other side.
  • Sold on a specified length basis, subject to availability.
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Paulownia Primed Beaded Ceiling

  • Clear grade finger-jointed primed Paulownia.
  • Kiln dried.
  • Appearance is similar to WindsorOne below.
  • Special order - please allow 3 to 5 days:
    • 5/8x4-16'
    • 1x6-16'

WindsorOne™ Primed Beaded Ceiling/Paneling


  • Kiln dried.
  • Clear grade finger-jointed Radiata pine.
  • Tongue and grooved.
  • Reversible. Edge and center beads on one side. WP-4 pattern with V’d edges on the other side.
  • Double primed.
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